Prayer For the Other Woman

Love endures all things it forgives all


Cassandra's Marriage Mints ~ The Grass Is Greener Where We Water It


Today’s prayer from my heart is a prayer on behalf of the “other woman”. I have experienced brokenness in my marriage and adultery manifested out of that brokenness.  Although a part of me wanted to lash out at the other woman, God had me do something else. He had me turn my cheek and ignore my angry fleshy instincts. He had me pray for her and minister to her about Jesus. He gave me a heart to look after her soul because what she thought she could get from my husband was really what she needed from Jesus. Yes, I prayed for her; and I also spoke the truth in love and strength that as his wife, I’m forever here to stay– while her choice was to move on with her life and never look back at my husband. She graciously apologized, accepted and agreed to move on. So what…

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